Tuesday, July 7, 2009

By The Way, I'm Not Writing About Sarah Palin

At all.

I am not going to speculate about her resignation or her political future because I really don't care. If the Republicans nominate her, they deserve her. If they nominate a thinking candidate like Charlie Crist or Jon Huntsman, with whom I disagree on policy but respect as pragmatic statesmen, they will be the better for it. Don't expect them to nominate Susan Collins or Christie Todd Whitman though. They aren't feminist enough to nominate women who believe women should have rights, regardless of their defense of Palin against liberal 'misogynists.'

If you want to read about Palin from either perspective, pro or con, then Ron Chusid of Liberal Values offers questions into her character here, here, and here while Jenn Q Public defends her heroic courage in fighting chauvinism here. Pick your preferred brand, both writers communicate well and raise their questions or make their defenses with spirited ability and are worthy of your attention.

This is the last time I will mention her in a post until 2011, we'll see what happens when the primary cycle starts.


Parsley's Pics said...

Well, I'll make it up for you. Nice blo, btw.

Parsley's Pics said...

My "g" key keeps sticking and it's driving me nuts.

Chris Richards said...

Well, you're doing very well at it, so I won't tell you to stop. Others are doing very well too. I have certainly been adding my opinions on your blog and others. Enough going around for me to write on other things here. :)

And thank you. :)

Parsley's Pics said...

Well, I can't get let go of Palin. She's such a good psychological study. I don't think she can be taken seriously as a standard bearer against male chauvinism since she seems to spend a great deal of time on her back.

Your link to Eclctic Geek doesn't work.

Bristol area, eh. Home of Sgt. York. Been thru there many times. You must be very popular. ; )

Chris Richards said...

Fortunately, I don't get out much. ;)

More seriously, I don't talk about politics much with people around here unless they are up for an argument or think like me. Wandering about town on election day was not at all fun, though.

Parsley's Pics said...

Fortunately, I am in Nashville. Worked a little at the Obama headquarters and Davidson County (I think) was the only county in TN to carry Obama. Just the same, things can be a little dry here but probably not as bad as in Bristol. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one getting on the subway while hundreds are knocking me down in their efforts to get off.

Chris Richards said...

Heh. There were a few Obama signs in yards around here that made me smile, but lots more McCain signs. And of course, they love Palin here. My partner (though she works on the VA side of Bristol) has to put up with a LOT of really nasty conservative bitching and whining at work, despite the fact she works for a government agency funded by a Democratic governor and supported by Democratic congresspeople.

Yes, people collecting their wages because of 'liberal' infrastructure programs are against 'liberal' infrastructure programs. What a wonderful world.