Saturday, January 4, 2020

A Late New Year's Resolution

     Dear Readers,

     I'm behind on my New Year's Resolution. This is January 4th, after all, and I'm three days late. Still, I think it's a good idea to make one. Then I have to do my best to try to stick with it. So here we go. Please do your best to hold me to it as the year goes on, if you read this and pay attention!

     First, I resolve to write something every Saturday like I originally intended to do when I started blogging again! I think it's really important to be consistent and to work on my technical process. I also need to write longer essays and work on my fiction. This means blogging every Saturday and writing, consistently, on other projects every night before bed. I believe I can do this, so I will do this. This is the one I will need you guys to push me on the most!

     Second, I resolve to avoid fighting with Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang supporters and to focus on going after Joe Biden the way he should be gone after. There is so much good material for writing and tweeting there that I just have to put that energy where there is the most productive work to be done for the most rewarding returns. This is important because Biden is the one we need to stop right now. If he actually wins the nomination, I see it being very difficult to pass any progressive policy. I also think he hurts our chances to take back the Senate. We need to nominate strong progressive candidates and run Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket if we want to win the Senate!

     Third, I need to work on connecting the two separate focuses of my Twitter output and writing more effectively. I need to refocus on teaching a libertarian socialist critique of capitalist authoritarianism and then connect it directly to my project of promoting a progressive Congressional revolution. I resolve to do this and to put teaching first, then connecting lessons to the promotion of a Progressive Wave in 2020.

   Finally, I need to not let Twitter interfere with my work so much. I also smother my own tweets and prevent them from taking off the way they could with too much output sometimes. So I resolve to try to put just a little more space between important tweets, to focus on my day job while at work and to put time into my writing and tweeting with more discipline.


The Eclectic Radical

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