Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rich Lowry Is A Tool

Rich Lowry is the editor of the National Review. Why does this matter?
It matters for a few reasons. The first is that the Review is still considered the creme de la crème of intelligent conservative writing. The second is that the National Review is still a major mouthpiece for conservative thought in this country. With the many conflicts of Trumpism, libertarianism and traditional conservatism going on right now one would expect a flowering of debate, ideas and moral conflict on the right!
That's not happening. Why?
That brings us to the third reason it matters that Rich Lowry is the Editory of the National Review.
Congresswoman Alexandria Occasio-Cortez rightfully accused the Orange Troll of operating concentration camps on the US-Mexico border. Was this language inflammatory? Absolutely and I'm very glad that Congresswoman Occasio-Cortez is willing to be inflammatory! Her willingngess to put herself out there like this allows us to see what the enemy really thinks.
Rich Lowry has been kind enough to show us what he really thinks. We should believe him. He’s an intellectually dishonest Nazi apologist who is willing to split hairs in order to score political points with an uneducated audience that prefers owning the libs to facts or truth.
All the internal conflicts brewing in his own bedroom and Rich Lowry is using a nationally read platform to troll a Congresswoman he doesn't like!?
That's right. What's more is he is stepping into this fight knowing that it's a loser. The simple fact is that there was a distinct difference between the phrases “concentration camp” (which can be used to describe everything from a PLO refugee camp in Lebanon in the 1970s to the German internment camp at Crystal River, TX during WWII) and a “death camp.”
Has Rich Lowry never seen Conspiracy? It was kind of a big deal when it came out. He might want to go back and watch it.
I will raise the stakes. Not only are we building concentration camps on the border but we put our citizens in actual gulags and set them to forced labor to enrich corporations! How will Rich defend gulags?

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