Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Silence, Random Thoughts

Obviously, I haven't been around for awhile. Not just here. I haven't really been active on any of the political blogs on which I used to comment regularly. Originally this was for reasons of health. When I overcame the health issue that kept me from writing, I realized I was incredibly burnt out.

I'm still incredibly burnt out.

I've been working a new job since late May and it appears to be going well so far. This has kept me pretty tired in the evenings. It is good to be back in telecommunications again, but it is also tiring to learn a whole new system for a whole new company. I am just glad I was fortunate enough to be in that position.

I am a 'grandfather' now, which is rather amazing to me since I've never technically been a father. The baby is gorgeous and I got to skip the part of having to raise and pay for a kid for 18+ years and skip straight to the fun part. So no complaints there.

I think most of the bloggers whose domains I used to stalk are probably glad to be rid of me. That is probably a good thing, since I don't know when I'll be that active again. I just felt, today, that I had to write something. So I am writing about nothing.

My thoughts on the issues of the day are, as usual, a mixed bag. I just don't feel as motivated to shout at the wind. I want to be that motivated. The trouble is that we live in a world where people don't want to think, read, or listen if they can possibly help it.

I'll try to have something to say the next time, but this time I just felt I needed to say anything at all.

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