Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spam/Commerical Comment Policy

I've not had much of a problem with this, primarily because of the low traffic here, but today I had to delete a comment from my most recent posting because it was simply and only spam.

My content policy is clearly placed on the left hand side of this screen. It specifically notes that commercial announcements and spam are going to be deleted. If you are trying to generate hits for a website via spam links, it won't do any good to post them here. I'll just take them down.

I have a free speech policy on topical debate. If you disagree with me, swear, throw around racial or religious epithets, or attack my positions or character great. Just make sure it's topical. Anything someone says in a comment, in my view, reflects on them. I denounce objectionable statements rather than simply deleting them.

But I'm not going to leave spam links on my blog. Sorry.


Sheria said...

I have had thesame problem with spam, leading me to implement comment moderation. It's not an entirely satisfying solution. I fear that it makes genuine would be commenters fear that I'm trying to censor their comments if they aren't favorable to my point of view. I'm considering going back to open commenting and just deleting the spam as it shows up.

Chris Richards said...

I have not moderated my blog so far, nor do I plan to moderate it in the future unless the problem just becomes unmanageable. Right now I'm just being bitchy about someone having ignored what's plain as on the front page. :)

Leslie Parsley said...

I've been racking my feeble brain over this. As Chris knows, I moderated comments at first, but once I had more than two people following my blog, the extra 4 or 5requires too much housekeeping.

But I think I'll put a comment guideline on the first page - maybe underlined and in bold? Sheria, I don't think it matters what genuine, or otherwise, commenters think. It is your blog and they're a guest in your home. I have no problem with deleting. The Righters do it all the time, so it muct be right.

Sheria, I visited your old and new blogs. I like them both very much, but especially the newer one. In fact, there's nothing I don't like about it and will put it on my blog list. I'm persnickety. You meet the criteria: good content and good writing. Enviable design.
Plus, I like your profile. I'm the total novice.