Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Recommended Reading

It took a great deal of deliberation to decide whether or not to link a conservative Republican blog. It goes without saying that I disagree with the majority of views of the majority of conservative bloggers the majority of the times. I am, after all, on the liberal fringe of the Democratic Party... probably ideologically closer to Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont than to any actual Democrats (except, maybe, for Dennis Kucinich) most of the time.

Yet there she is on my required reading list: Jenn Q Public. No, I don't endorse the majority of her opinions.

So you ask me... if you don't agree with that there person, Mr. Radical sir, why are you putting their blog on your required reading list?

The answer is simple. Shameless self-promotion.

See, I am her very own liberal troll.

If you are reading this blog, the odds are that you have some interest in my positions and appreciation for my writing. On Jenn Q Public you can see me arguing with Jenn about health care policy, about crazy old men saying reckless and foolish things about HIV, and about taxes and the economy. If you really must, you can read her stuff as well, to help you better understand what I'm heckling her about. Still, the big reason is that I want you to see me doing the heckling. I am just that impressed with myself.

Jeffrey Ferguson needs to get back on the job, dang it. I'm trying to be funny again. I need to stop that.


Jenn Q. said...

As I commented to you elsewhere, I find it pretty amusing that I have my own liberal troll. Isn't that some sort of badge of honor? When I cease to be entertained, I have my ban hammer handy.

I think you're confused though. A pro-choice, pro-gay marriage fiscal conservative is hardly considered a "conservative Republican" by most standards I've encountered. Do you lose radical liberal brownie points for baiting the wrong kind of Republican?

Chris Richards said...

I was less trying to bait you than to honor your request not to ruin your street cred. Hence my comment about trying to be funny. And needing to stop, because clearly I am not good at it. ;)