Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can't Have It Both Ways: Did She Break The Law or Is It True She Did Nothing Impeachable?

An editorial by The Nation, published yesterday online, attacks Sarah Palin's claims that the investigation into her conduct as governor 'cleared' her by quoting the investigation and reproducing the newspaper editorial in her home state attacking her claims of vindication. The newspaper editorial is well-written and hits the nail very nicely, but The Nation's editorial misses the mark slightly. While calling Palin out on her 'Orwellian' (in the words of the original newspaper editorial) lie about the findings of the investigation, the magazine editorial then states that Palin did nothing indictable or impeachable.

The investigation finds that Governor Palin, as governor, violated the state's ethics law. I understand The Nation is used to covering politics, in which violating the law is not the same thing as a crime (much like Wall Street), but in my view this is a fallacious idea. Forgive me a Randian moment when I say that violating a state's political ethics law while holding political office is a crime. Therefore, Governor Palin is or should be both impeachable and indictable on this charge. It's a law, isn't it? Didn't the investigation find that she violated it? This is an indictable offense, and one that she should be impeached for committing.

While I applaud The Nation for telling the truth about Sarah Palin's gubernatorial indiscretions as she tries to make dishonest claims of her 'vindication', I am disappointed that their editors do not equate breaking the law with impeachable or indictable offenses.


Voice of Reason said...

I do hope you won't stop posting on this blog now that the election is over! I have only just found you, and while I don't agree with everything you say, I like the way you say it! And, of course, I will defend your absolute right to post your own opinions!

Stick around; the Moms4SarahPalin are just starting to rev up their right-wing rhetoric. We need all rebutters.

Chris Richards said...

I don't plan to stop posting at all, I am simply trying whenever possible not to post what everyone else is talking about unless I can present something distinct or at least a distinct voice of support or rebuttal. I'm glad you're reading, and very glad for the comment.