Sunday, September 14, 2008

Define Irony: The Traditional Party of Racism, Segregation, and the KKK's Nominee!

This is not exactly cutting edge news, but it is more than worthy of comment.

The American Independent Party was formed of segregationist Southern Democrats opposed to civil rights and equating anti-Semitism to anti-Communism. Their first presidential ticket was the dramatic one-two punch of racist Alabama Governor George Wallace and infamous advocate of the nuclear first strike General Curtis LeMay. Their agenda was so far to the right that it made Barry Goldwater look like Ted Kennedy.

The nominee of the AIP this election year is Alan Keyes.

I understand that homophobia is the new racism and abortion is the new communism, and that the bigots of the nation are more decidedly fixed on these issues than on racist agendas, but is their anything more cynical than a black clergyman (I don't care how conservative he is) running for the office of president on a KKK ticket?

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